VNG Cloud Expert: Monitoring Infrastructure and Applications to Mitigate System Risks

2022/10/11 11:10

The National Internet Exchange of Vietnam (VNIX) member conference is an annual technical forum (since 2016) organized by the Vietnam Internet Center, following the model of international Network Operator Group (NOG). The conference aims to connect VNIX members, leading Internet experts in Vietnam and the region, to participate in sharing management and operational activities, ensuring safety, security, and quality for the VNIX system and Vietnam's Internet system as a whole.

VNIX-NOG 2022 took place on October 6-7, 2022, in Quy Nhon, discussing technical development trends and new technology solutions to establish a secure and sustainable future generation of the Internet during the digital transformation period.

Within the event's framework, Mr. Truong Thanh Trong, the Product Manager at VNG Cloud with over 12 years of experience in designing and operating monitoring and logging systems to support campaigns with high traffic of over 200,000 lines of log per second (messages per second), shared insights on the significance of Infrastructure and Application Monitoring on the Internet. According to Mr. Trong, "The performance of infrastructure is a crucial aspect of enterprise IT systems. Ensuring stable performance, avoiding risks, and maintaining optimal functionality are constant concerns. Monitoring infrastructure and applications not only helps businesses mitigate system risks and issues but also saves operational time, enhances customer service quality, and improves the corporate image, all while optimizing the utilization of system resources".


As a Product Manager actively involved in the design and development of vMonitor Platform services at VNG Cloud, Mr. Trong further stated, "VNG Cloud takes pride in being a pioneering provider in Vietnam to develop vMonitor Platform services, offering comprehensive resource monitoring that encompasses both infrastructure and end-user experience. The vMonitor Platform enables businesses to efficiently collect, analyze, and automatically generate alerts based on metric and log data from VNG Cloud, as well as other cloud or on-premise environments. This empowers businesses to monitor their system's health in real-time, ensuring continuous operational performance and resource optimization. Additionally, the platform allows for easy setup and immediate issue of alerts, enabling businesses to promptly respond to incidents".

It is known that starting from September 7, 2022, in addition to the vMonitor Platform Log (which collects log data from servers, applications, and devices within the system), VNG Cloud also offers two additional monitoring packages: vMonitor Platform Basic, provided free of charge. These packages include vMonitor Platform Metric (a service that monitors resource performance on VNG Cloud, supporting vServer, vLB, vDB) and Synthetic Test (a service that monitors website availability and applications). All three services are designed for users, developers, operations engineers, and IT managers to collect and analyze data to identify trends, ensure SLA compliance, and effectively addresss and resolve issues. Currently, VNG Cloud offers a comprehensive monitoring solution package that caters to both infrastructure requirements and end-user experience. Remarkably, the Synthetic Test service is still available free of charge and allows for up to 10 Synthetic API tests.

Learn more about vMonitor Platform here.