VNG Data Center has been granted the Uptime Tier III certificate

2022/12/10 10:12

VNG Data Center has recently been recognized by the Uptime Institute as a data center (DC) that meets the Uptime Tier III standards in both the design and construction of its equipment infrastructure for DCs.

VNG Data Center is the most modern and secure data center in Vietnam

In response to the ever-evolving needs of Vietnamese businesses

Officially launched in November 2022, the VNG Data Center located in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City has successfully undergone rigorous testing by the Uptime Institute and has been recognized as one of the top three state-of-the-art data centers in Vietnam to achieve Uptime Tier III certification for both design (TCDD) and installation equipment for data centers (TCCF).

The Uptime Tier III certificate is granted by the Uptime Institute (USA), the world's leading and prestigious assessment standard system. A team of experienced experts will provide accurate and professional evaluations of the level of "precision" in the process of designing, constructing, operating, and managing the data center.

In the context of strong digital transformation, minimizing downtime to the maximum extent helps businesses control operating costs and optimize profits.

According to representatives from VNG Cloud, the Data Center is built according to the regulations set by the Uptime Institute to become a modern data center that meets international standards, ensuring smooth and stable operation.

"The Uptime Tier III certification of VNG Data Center is the relentless effort of the high-quality expert and technical team of VNG Cloud, alongside the learning from infrastructure construction experiences for hundreds of millions of users of products such as Game, Zalo, ZaloPay at VNG. We are confident that the lessons learned from serving such a large user base will help meet the cloud computing needs of many Vietnamese businesses", said the representative from VNG Cloud.

VNG Data Center has a highly skilled operations team

Modern, secure, and highly reliable data center in Vietnam

VNG Data Center covers an area of 7,800 square meters with a usable floor area of 3,100 square meters. It has the capacity to accommodate 1,600 server racks, with a design capacity of up to 10kW per rack. It provides a place where businesses can confidently host their servers with high levels of safety and security.

To achieve Tier III Certification Constructed Facility (TCCF) for data center, all equipment and machinery at the DC are carefully selected and imported from renowned manufacturers worldwide. The cooling system is modern and highly precise, with the ability to accurately control temperatures in each area, resulting in energy efficiency. VNG Data Center has an N+1 network system for both domestic and international connections, ensuring stable, secure, and highly reliable internet connectivity, along with easy connectivity to all network providers. VNG Data Center also has dedicated connections with the leading cloud computing providers, namely AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

The entire essential infrastructure at VNG Data Center is managed and monitored through a dedicated infrastructure management system called DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) tool. Developed by VNG Cloud's own software team, this system enables the on-site infrastructure management team to have detailed monitoring of all components throughout the data center, including power, cooling, network equipment, servers, and telecommunications connections.

VNG Data Center is located in Tan Thuan EPZ, District 7, HCMC

VNG Data Center ensures businesses a secure digital infrastructure platform that meets international security criteria. This helps businesses save costs, focus on innovation activities, improve customer experience, increase revenue, and expand their scale.