VNG Cloud Partners With T99 - A Pioneering Technology Boost in Financial Services Industry

2021/04/22 10:00

On April 21, 2021, VNG Cloud and T99 Financial Group officially signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement to develop a technology-finance platform, apply cloud computing technology, and manage data security in business operations. Through this collaboration, VNG Cloud will assist T99 in expanding the scale of their service offerings to meet the demands of customers and the market in the era of business digitization 4.0.

Mr. Bui Duc Long, representing T99 Financial Group (left), and Mr. Vu Minh Tri, representing VNG Cloud (right), shake hands to signify their comprehensive development cooperation

As a strategic technology partner of T99, VNG Cloud will lead the way in providing a comprehensive range of solutions for the financial industry. This includes establishing cloud computing technology infrastructure (Storage, Networking and Cloud Security) and deploying tools and solutions for office operations. Additionally, VNG Cloud will provide digital technology solutions and build a data management platform for Business Intelligence, incorporating Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and deploy the cloud camera solution - vCloudcam.

vCloudcam - Cloud computing platform and application for cameras | VNG Cloud

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Vu Minh Tri, CEO of VNG Cloud, shared his thoughts on the cooperation: "This partnership will greatly enhance the speed and efficiency of T99's transaction offices and overall technology infrastructure. We will achieve fast synchronization, unified operations, and complete transparency. Furthermore, ensuring the safety and security of assets will be easier and more proactive with the integration of vCloudcam, an artificial intelligence-based solution for optimal warning and operational management. VNG Cloud will also develop a data management platform that utilizes AI and Big Data to help T99 store, evaluate, and analyze customer information. In terms of our strategic vision, this marks the beginning of providing financial services through mobile applications, aligning with the future of technology in the finance industry".

Mr. Vu Minh Tri, CEO of VNG Cloud, shared his remarks during the signing ceremony

The signing ceremony of the cooperation will mark the first step in a series of upcoming digital technology projects to be implemented by VNG Cloud and T99. These projects include the deployment of a cloud-based platform for managing and operating transaction offices and internal logistics systems, a system for managing transaction data and customer care, an application platform to facilitate self-management of personal loan financial transactions for customers, and an application platform for international standard asset valuation. One of the highlights is the development of a 100% secure system for customer information involved in transactions with T99.

With over 14 years of experience in serving infrastructure for 100 million users and partnering with over 1000 corporate customers, VNG Cloud stands as a leading provider of cloud computing services and solutions in Vietnam. Our solutions and services are meticulously designed and developed by experts with extensive industry experience in sectors including retail, media, banking, real estate, finance, and more. We prioritize addressing the core challenges faced by businesses to reduce costs, optimize operational efficiency, and boost revenue, closely accompanying our customers throughout their digital transformation journey.

VNG Cloud's infrastructure adheres to international standards, guaranteeing robust safety and security measures that comply with the most stringent information security regulations, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO/IEC 27017:2015, ISO/IEC 27018:2019, and PCI DSS (Payment Card Data Security Standards).

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