VNG Cloud becomes a strategic partner to provide cloud services for VTC Academy

2022/09/12 10:09

(Ho Chi Minh City, September 8, 2022) - Vi Na Information Technology Data Services Joint Stock Company (VNG Cloud) and VTC Information Technology and Design Academy (VTC Academy) have just announced the signing of a cooperation agreement to deploy digital infrastructure services on the cloud. This collaboration aims to assist VTC Academy in building a comprehensive digital education model.


During the period from 2022 to 2025, VTC Academy is committed to developing a Hyper Learning model that integrates classroom learning, online learning, and online self-learning (e-learning) with Artificial Intelligence (A.I) technology to address the limitations of traditional education methods and deliver exceptional benefits to students. To ensure the successful implementation of this digital education strategy, which emphasizes high performance, scalability, and cost optimization, VTC Academy has selected VNG Cloud as its strategic service provider for the digital infrastructure required by the academy.

Through the transformation of infrastructure to the cloud, VNG Cloud will ensure the smooth and flexible operation of VTC Academy's IT infrastructure. It will also facilitate expansion based on demand and ensure adherence to international security standards. This contribution will enable VTC Academy to successfully establish an intelligent digital library on a stable cloud platform, laying the foundation for the development of the multi-disciplinary smart online learning platform, Onlinica. The independent Onlinica platform is scheduled to be operational in 2022 and supports the educational ecosystem model of VTC Academy. Additionally, VNG Cloud's cloud services facilitate the accelerated delivery of online video lectures, ensuring seamless content streaming and enabling effortless online interactions with students.

From left to right: Mr. Hoang Anh, Sales and Marketing Director of VNG Cloud; Mr. Hoang Viet Tan, Director of VTC Academy; Mr. Hung Le, IT Director of OMN1 Solution.

Besides, VTC Academy has also become one of the strategic partnership units of VNG Cloud, providing high-quality human resources in the information technology, design, and marketing industries.

At the ceremony, Mr. Hoang Viet Tan, Director of VTC Academy, shared, "VTC Academy firmly believes that cloud computing plays a vital role in optimizing the performance and cost of investing and operating IT systems. Consequently, VTC Academy will be able to easily apply AI technologies, automate the management, classification, and processing of big data, and create momentum for the future development of a technology-based sustainable education model. We highly appreciate the infrastructure and technical support provided by VNG Cloud, which has accelerated the implementation progress and ensured the system's stability, especially as this is our first time operating the Hyper Learning platform on cloud infrastructure.

On the side of VNG Cloud, Mr. Hoang Anh, Sales and Marketing Director, added, "With our experience and proven track record in successfully deploying numerous projects involving infrastructure and data storage on cloud computing for businesses across various fields, VNG Cloud is confident in meeting the requirements of VTC Academy. We assure the provision of stable and reliable cloud computing services, as well as the ability to offer timely technical support for this project."


Company Information:

About VTC Academy:

VTC Information Technology and Design Academy (VTC Academy) was established in 2010 and has dedicated over a decade to its construction and development. The academy specializes in education and training across four key areas: Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Design, and Digital Marketing.

In addition to its domestic training programs, the academy continuously enhances the quality of education through international partnership programs with renowned global educational institutions, such as Rubika International Design Institute (France), High School North Island International College - NIC (Canada), Global Digital Marketing Institute - DMI (United Kingdom), and Kake Education Institute (Japan). Through these collaborations, students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to become global citizens, confidently applying their expertise in both domestic and international business settings.

About VNG Cloud:

Being a part of VNG Technology Company, VNG Cloud is driven by the mission to be a trusted partner offering genuine cloud computing solutions and services to businesses. With a strong emphasis on developing and improving cloud computing technology solutions and services, VNG Cloud is dedicated to providing a stable, secure, and optimal cloud storage and infrastructure platform that adheres to national standards. The aim is to deliver an economical and user-friendly solution that is easily applicable for businesses.