VNG Cloud And NGS Digital Have Entered Into A Comprehensive Strategic Business Partnership For Cloud Services

2022/09/12 10:09

Ho Chi Minh City, September 6, 2022, Vi Na Information Technology Data Services Joint Stock Company (VNG Cloud) và NGS Communication & Equipment Joint Stock Company (NGS) officially signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in Ho Chi Minh City regarding the business of cloud computing services. In particular, VNG Cloud officially introduced the vUC virtual switchboard solution product with the intention of collaborating with NGS Digital, continuing to build and develop vUC into a competitive service, and providing greater value for business customers.

From left to right: Mr. Pham The Truong - CEO of NGS Digital shakes hands with Mr. Nguyen Thanh Danh - COO VNG Cloud

Regarding the collaboration in developing the vUC product, NGS Digital will officially assume the role of product development based on the resources that VNG Cloud already has, including equipment to support product operation and valid contracts for product supply to customers. After completing the transfer, vUC will be renamed NDUC, and NGS Digital will continue to maintain the product's quality, ensuring the rights of transferred customers, especially the absolute security of all customer data stored in the service system.

The collaboration between VNG Cloud and NGS Digital reflects the ambition of both parties to enhance investment and develop virtual PBX solution products - a Contact Center product that is experiencing a strong growth trend in the "Customer Experience" era. This segment has taken the forefront and plays a significant role in the business strategies of companies.

In addition to jointly developing the vUC service, VNG Cloud and NGS Digital are also moving towards comprehensive business cooperation across all aspects. This includes integrating their robust products into a suite of solutions to enable market expansion and sharing of opportunities through comprehensive collaboration in various fields. The collaboration between VNG Cloud and NGS Digital is anticipated to unlock new strengths and deliver innovative technological value, including enhancing technological solutions with superior advantages and high competitiveness, while also providing customers with comprehensive solutions to meet diverse needs during this era of significant digital transformation.


During the ceremony, Mr. Pham The Truong, CEO of NGS Digital , stated, "In the 2022-2025 period, NGS Digital aims to significantly develop the Contact Center field because we already possess the technological capabilities and product subsystems. Additionally, after experiencing VNG Cloud's cloud infrastructure services, we highly appreciate the quality of their products and services, as well as the reputation and responsibility that VNG Cloud demonstrates towards its customers. With these two factors coming together, we have confidence in our decision to collaborate with VNG Cloud, continue developing the vUC virtual switchboard solution product, and commit to maintaining product quality to ensure the optimal benefits for our customers".

Also, within the framework of the signing ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Danh, COO of VNG Cloud, shared, "Among many partners, we selected NGS Digital based on factors such as capabilities, scale, and similarities in the development strategies of cloud technology solutions for businesses. Therefore, it is not just about entrusting the Contact Center vUC product to NGS Digital; we hope to establish a friendly relationship based on comprehensive development cooperation, continuously linking the strengths of both parties' products to build a complete solution set for customers. VNG Cloud believes that joining hands with NGS Digital will help both parties achieve these development goals in the near future".

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