VNG Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Storage: Smart Data Storage Solution

Hybrid Cloud Storage is a collaborative solution between VNG and Cloudian that helps address storage management issues for businesses by using a combination of On-premise infrastructure and Public Cloud services.

The solution is a perfect fit for customers who have substantial data storage needs and require rapid access speeds on par with On-premise systems. Meanwhile, they seek data security and scalability on a level equivalent to on-cloud infrastructure.



Flexible Expansion

With the ability to scale flexibly from terabytes to petabytes based on business needs, unlimited storage capacity, and easy scalability, it enhances data system operation performance.



Why choose Hybrid Cloud Storage?

High compatibility with Native S3 API

Hybrid Cloud Storage seamlessly supports integration with Native S3 API, ensuring the highest level of compatibility and easy integration with existing S3 applications and workflows.

Unified File and Object Storage

Hybrid Cloud Storage meets both file and object storage needs within a single solution, simplifying data management and providing flexible scalability based on demand.

Granular Data Management

The capability to manage data at the "bucket" level allows administrators to easily control access and secure data.

Diverse Deployment Models

Offering various deployment options, including Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Storage, suitable for different organizational needs and providing high flexibility and customization.

Reliable Data Protection

Data is securely protected, ready for classification and backup plans. High availability (SLA: 99.99%) and a Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) payment model help businesses save costs.


Deployment Model

Hybrid Cloud Storage
Public Cloud