VNG Cloud

vCDN: Optimal Content Delivery Network

vCDN (VNG Cloud Content Delivery Network) is a content delivery network developed by VNG Cloud. With servers strategically positioned in multiple locations, equipped with extremely high bandwidth, vCDN significantly boosts website and mobile application speed. This results in an enhanced user experience and increased customer satisfaction.



Real-time data analytics and statistics

vCDN provides real-time data analytics and statistics, allowing users to have an accurate view of the service's operations and resource performance.




Why Choose vCDN?

Protecting the website from DDoS attacks

vCDN utilizes a distributed architecture to shield the website from DDoS attacks and minimize the damage caused by such attacks.

Improving Google Ranking and SEO

vCDN enhances Google Ranking and SEO by optimizing access speed and improving website performance.

Bandwidth and Cost Optimization

vCDN reduces the load on the origin server and optimizes bandwidth usage, resulting in cost savings.

Increasing Concurrent User Access

vCDN supports serving a large number of users simultaneously across various locations, enhancing the capacity and user experience.

High Readiness & Easy to Deploy

vCDN ensures high readiness and reliability, keeping the website running smoothly and consistently. Moreover, it is easy to integrate and deploy vCDN quickly.


Deployment Model

Web Accelerator
Video On Demand
Live Streaming
Object Download