The virtualization solution exclusive designed for enterprise

  • - Enterprises are not ready to move to the cloud
  • - Enterprises want to be in the digital transformation but do not want to waste their infrastructure

vCloudstack is a virtual solution provided by VNG CLOUD designed for enterprises to exploit the performance of server resource to build a virtual system High-Availability (HA) through self-service on portal.

Allow user to create and centralized manage many servers from a cluster of at least 4 physical servers. Each of virtual server will work like an independent physical server to save time and cost.

Besides many features to ensure the continuous the operating system to ensure the security, flexible of enterprises, vCloudstack has outstanding features: Backup and Restore with vStorage, Hybrid Cloud solution – support connecting between On-premise and Public Cloud, Install Applications from Marketplace quickly, Monitoring - automatically send warnings about the virtualization system through charts and specific data.

vCloudstack not only helps businesses build a comprehensive virtualization solution for on-premise systems but also supports integration with Public Cloud to make the digital transformation easy, efficient and cost-effective.



Independence physical infrastructure.
SLA 99.7% when exploit on data center of VNG CLOUD.
Flexible solution. Allow business to exploit on the independence physical infrastructure of enterprise or VNG CLOUD.
Self-services portal in the virtual environment.
Hybrid Cloud with VNG CLOUD Public Cloud.
Fast intitial from VNG CLOUD market place.
Backup & Restore with vStorage of VNG CLOUD.
Self-operating system.


Support 24/7/365.
Self-Services Portal.
Support set up physical firewall to ensure security.
Save time and cost.
Cost can be predicted.
High Availabity Portal (HA-Portal) (using at least 4 physical nodes).
High availability.
International standard VNG CLOUD Data Center

Support & Maintenance Services


Full Services

Ghi chú:
  • (*) The packages apply to the "Support & Service Maintenance" when the Customer has invested in physical infrastructure.
  • (*) Full Services - including physical server rental (hosting at DC of VNG CLOUD) and support and maintenance packages.
  • (*) Please contact or hotline 1900 1549 for any supports.