VNG Cloud

VNG Cloud Backup: Cloud data backup solution

VNG Cloud Backup is a cloud data backup solution that ensures system data is backed up to the cloud, guaranteeing that backup data is readily available in case the primary system encounters issues. With our user-friendly and flexible features, this service allows for diverse data formats to be quickly and easily backed up, including files, OS, DB, MySQL, and Oracle, ensuring the safe and efficient protection of critical data.



Various Data Formats

Supports backup for files, OS, DB, MySQL, Oracle.




Why choose VNG Cloud Backup?

Data Protection

Data is securely protected on the VNG Cloud infrastructure with a Replication feature ensuring two copies of each data.

Data Encryption

Data is fully encrypted before leaving the customer's system.

Quick Backup & Restore

Data is quickly restored in case of any issues, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Cost Optimization

With Pay as you go, customers only pay for the resources they use, ensuring cost optimization based on actual consumption.

Compatible With Multiple Operating Systems

Compatible with various operating systems, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure, whether it is Windows, Linux, or other platforms.


Deployment Model

VNG Cloud Backup - Model