VNG Cloud

vStorage: Multi-tier cloud storage solution

vStorage provides secure, reliable, and durable cloud storage with three specialized storage types (Object, File, Block) designed for fast, continuous data access. It is suitable for various needs such as media data warehousing, log analytics, mobile applications, backups, enterprise applications, and IoT.

vStorage offers three tiers of cloud storage: Gold, Silver, and Archive.



Gold Class

The Gold Class is tailored for storing data that requires frequent access and fast retrieval (milliseconds). You can fully leverage the flexibility and performance of this storage class, providing superior benefits for business applications and data management.

Suitable: Frequently accessed data such as videos, images, audio data of IoT devices, Big Data, etc.




Why Choose vStorage?

Ability of Extension

2 branches in Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi; Dedicate zone; Instantly expand storage (in TB); Ready time <1 minute; Actively work on the portal; No downtime; Capable of auto-scaling.

Absolutely Safe and Secure

Replication = 3 on 3 servers; Encryption when stored to the drive; Decentralization features (ACL, IAM); Whitelist IP; Versioning; Block public access; Tempurl; Cross-region backup.

Simple Administration

Self-service portal; Dashboard with Usage Report, Billing Report, Cost Explorer features; Increase quota automatically; Auto-renew / Postpaid; Easy to manage with vMonitor.

High Speed & Compatibility

10Gbps (scalable) bandwidth; Compatible with S3 SDK, S3 client tool; Supports NFS/SMB protocol on Object Storage.

Cost optimization

3 cloud storage tiers; Lifecycle feature allows data transfer between storage tiers; Gold Class offers 100% free requests and x10 traffic.


Deployment Model

General diagram
Content distributor
K8S share volume
Tape replacement
Surveillance video archiving