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vStorageGateway: Hybrid Storage Integration Solution

vStorageGateway is a service that acts as a gateway, connecting customers' on-premise systems to cloud storage. It supports various protocols such as NFS and SMB.

With the vStorageGateway solution, users can easily configure their settings through our web portal interface, eliminating the need for complex command configurations.



Expand Traditional Storage

vStorageGateway helps expand the capacity of traditional storage systems, enabling flexible and efficient data storage.



Why choose vStorageGateway?

Easy Deployment

Set up quickly on the portal with 3 simple steps. Easily integrate with Object Storage.

Fast and Efficient Integration

Rapid data synchronization, and applications don't require code changes for integration.

Flexibility and Scalability

Easily expand storage without limitations.

Optimized Data Transfer

Applications deployed on physical servers can leverage local cache at the gateway for speedy data access.

High Stability

vStorageGateway is designed with high stability, ensuring continuous and reliable operation for data backup and access.


Deployment Model

Surveillance Video Archiving
Tape On Cloud
K8S Share Volumn