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Web Accelerator: Speed Up Content Display

Web Accelerator helps increase the loading speed of web pages and enhances user experience by optimizing the page loading process and storing resources on network nodes closer to the users.




Allow HTTP queries to be transmitted in parallel over a single connection instead of using multiple connections as before, reducing the time needed to establish new connections and increasing data transmission speed. HTTP/2 also supports compressing the header format of HTTP queries, reducing the size of data that needs to be transmitted.




Why choose Web Accelerator?

Accelerate page display speed

Accelerate page loading speed, reduce waiting time, and enhance user experience on the website

Optimize data transmission capacity

Minimize data transmission between the server and the browser, reduce bandwidth costs and increase page loading speed.

Optimize image quality based on end-users' devices

Automatically optimize images on the website, reducing image size and increasing page loading speed, saving up to 60% of the file size.

Increase SEO and PageSpeed Insights score

Improve the SEO and PageSpeed Insights score of the website by optimizing page loading speed and enhancing user experience.

Increase responsiveness to high traffic

Enhance the website's concurrent processing capability, ensuring smooth functioning and the ability to handle a high volume of traffic.


Deployment Model

Web Accelerator - Model