VNG Cloud

Object Download: On-Cloud Data Download Solution

VNG Cloud's Object Download service offers many benefits for businesses: cost optimization by minimizing the time and expenses for data retrieval, ensuring flexibility and easy compatibility with various end-user devices, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction with the service.

In addition, it enables real-time multidimensional data analysis, providing businesses with a comprehensive and accurate view of their operations.



Origin Load Balancing and Failover

Origin Load Balancing distributes access load to the original servers and automatically redirects access to other servers when the original servers encounter issues.



Why choose Object Download?

Increase responsiveness to high traffic

When multiple users are downloading the same file, the system will automatically distribute the load across multiple servers to reduce latency and ensure that all users can access the file quickly.

Integrate with S3 Storage

Integrating with S3 Storage creates a unified cloud storage environment that allows users to easily move and manage data across different storage platforms.

Quick response time

Includes solutions that optimize networks, data structure, and utilize high-speed SSD technologies to ensure quick data retrieval and enhance user experience.

Resume downloads when connection is interrupted

Users can easily and quickly resume downloading large files, even after network interruptions or high latency.

Real-time data analysis

Real-time data analysis for Object Download vStorage. This helps gain valuable insights and optimize performance on the fly.


Deployment Model

Object Download - Model