Service Quality Commitments on Products of IAAS Room

This Service Level Agreement ("SLA") is a commitment of Vi Na Information Technology Data Services Joint Stock Company ("VNG Cloud") to clients and service users of VNG Cloud, and is considered as a commitment on service quality, to ensure benefits for all Clients.

This SLA applies to the following types of services of VNG Cloud:

  • - "vCDN": is a content service distribution network-based including multiple servers located at different geographical locations inside and outside the territory of Vietnam, working together to distribute and transmit download information, images, movies (movies, clips), real-time media streaming and other content quickly and efficiently to end users.
  • - "vServer": a service that provides virtual server infrastructure on demand and can expand to the ability to handle virtual hardware configurations such as CPU, RAM, Disk. It flexibly chooses different virtual server configurations and ensures service management safety by VNG Cloud’s cloud virtualization architecture.
  • - "vStorage": is a flexible, secure, and fast access solution on cloud computing.
  • - "vDB": is a service that makes it easy to set up, operate and expand the enterprise database on the cloud computing platform of VNG Cloud. With vDB, clients can absolutely.
  • - "vLB": is a service that automatically distributes traffic to the application on multiple vServers, responding to a large number of application loads. vLB provides scalability, fault tolerance and security for the application, helping clients minimize time and money in investing in load balancing solutions.
  • - "vBaremetal": is a service providing physical server and hardware such as CPU, RAM, Disk.
  • 1. Concepts and Definitions:
    "Services": are vCDN, vServer, vStorage, vLB, and vDB services.
    • 1.1."Client"/ "Service User": means any individual or organization using VNG Cloud's Services.
    • 1.2."Monthly Uptime Time": means the period of time calculated by subtracting the number of minutes the Service System is in Unavailable State (as defined below) due to the error of VNG Cloud and not including the time for maintaining, discontinuing Service due to Force Majeure events and other circumstances excluded according to the regulation in this SLA.
    • 1.3."Unavailable State": Downtime of vServer) calculated based on:
      • a.vServer down time.
      • b.Network time when VNG Cloud cannot connect to the ISP.
        (Exception: The time that ISP network fails to connect to the end user which will not be counted.)
    • 1.4."Unavailable State" of vBaremetal calculated based on:
      • a.Network time when VNG Cloud cannot connect to the ISP.
        (Exception: The time that ISP network cannot connect to user will not be calculated)
      • b.Server of Clients is not working (shutdown), crash, or unexpectedly restarted due to the hardware failures, firmware and drivers errors.
      • c.VNG Cloud does not notify of such maintainance or changes which makes the service of Clients stop (downtime).
      • d.Service of Customer has problems such as: stop, restart, not working properly due to the hardware failure.
    • 1.5."Error Rate Storage": is the percentage of error calculated by the total number of failed requests (requests) divided by the total number of requests in 5 minutes (block of 5 minutes); The total number of blocks in the payment cycle is calculated by the total number of time using the Services in minutes divided by 5 and not exceeding 8,928 blocks (equivalent to 31 days / month). The error times counted when the request returned was a value of "InternalError" or "ServiceUnavailable".
    • 1.6."Error Rate CDN": is the rate of arising errors measured by the CDN system through the error code HTTP Code Status 500 (Internal Server Error) is recorded and reported on the Portal system on the total number of requests arising in the billing cycle.
    • 1.7."Monthly Uptime Rate": calculated as 100% minus Error rate in one (1) payment cycle "Monthly Downtime Rate": calculated by the total amount of time the system falls into the Unavailable State divided by the total time of the month times 100.
    • 1.8."Force Majeure Event": means an event that happens in an objective, unpredictable and irreparable manner despite the application of all necessary measures and in the permissible capacity, including but not limited to natural disasters, enemy sabotage, extreme weather phenomena, sabotage actions, protests, strikes, and bans from Government Agencies.
  • 2. Monthly Uptime Ratio Formula:
    Service Formula
    vCDN/vStorage Uptime = 100% - "Average Error rate"
    vServer/vLB/vDB/vBaremetal Uptime = 100% - "Downtime Rate within the month"
  • 3. VNG Cloud's Commitment on Monthly Uptime Rate
    Service Commitment Rate Unit Equivalent
    vCDN 99,90% CDN Domain Measure the number of failed requests on the total request
    vServer/vLB/vDB 99,94% 1 Virtual host Equivalent to 26 minutes 17 seconds
    vStorage 99,99% Project Equivalent to 0 Block fail 100% or 1 Block fail 80%
    vBaremetal 99,90% 01 Physical Server

    Measure based on the hardware failure rate causing downtime of service.

    Or Network cannot connect to ISPs


    • 3.1.In case that the Service fails to fulfill the commitment of the Monthly Uptime Rate as stated above, VNG Cloud is responsible for compensating Client the corresponding Service. The Service compensated for clients is calculated as a percentage of the value in the payment cycle of that month:
    • - vServer/vLB/vDB:
    • Monthly Uptime Percent Equivalent Time Downtime Service rate to compensate / 1 virtual server
      From 99,90% to less than 99,94% From 43 minutes 49 seconds to 26 minutes 17 seconds 10%
      From 95% to less than 99,90% From 01 day 12 hours 31 minutes 27 seconds to 43 minutes 49 seconds 30%
      Below 95% More than 01 day 12 hours 31 minutes 27 seconds 100%
    • - vCDN:
    • Monthly Uptime Percent Service Rate to compensate / Domain CDN
      From 99% to less than 99,90% 5%
      From 95% to less than 99% 10%
      From 90% to less than 95% 30%
      Below 90% 100%
    • - vStorage:
    • Monthly Uptime Percent Service Rate to Compensate / Project
      From 99% to less than 99,90% 10%
      From 95% to less than 99% 30%
      Below 95% 100%
    • - vBaremetal:
    • Monthly Uptime Percent Service Rate to Compensate / 01 Physical Server has corresponding problem
      From 99% to less than 99,90% 10%
      From 95% to less than 99% 30%
      Below 95% 100%
  • 4. Service Is Not Considered Stagnation in the Following Cases:
    • 4.1.The Service is inaccessible due to the fault of Clients, users and/or third party such as: expired domain name, Domain Name Server error (DNS), misconfiguration, operating system error, computer virus, spyware, unavailable Client’s network service, iptables system, firewall, etc
    • 4.2.The Service is blocked because the content(s), file(s) Client stores on VNG Cloud’s system violate Vietnamese law, is accused of intellectual property infringement and/or other VNG Cloud’s regulations; Client’s use of source code affects VNG Cloud’s system; Client does not make payment for the service fee for VNG Cloud.
    • 4.3.Illegal access to other services which are not managed by Client.
    • 4.4.The Service is inaccessible because Client’s use of the service is not in accordance with the standard recommended by VNG Cloud.
    • 4.5.Due to Client’s request to stop the system.
    • 4.6.The Service is inaccessible due to errors from Client’s devices.
    • 4.7.The Service is inaccessible due to Force Majeure Event.
    • 4.8.When Client uses the sources/services of VNG Cloud to attack other systems and is detected, VNG Cloud will notify to stop the service (for example: DDOS, intentional attack, virus distribution).
    • 4.9.vBaremetal Service:
      • (a)Server is shutdown or stopped service due to the intentionally of Client or Client’s counterpart.
      • (b)The service is stopped due to Force Majeure events or beyond the management capabilities of VNG Cloud such as natiral disasters, problems in the power or cold support for server at the data center.
      • (c)VNG Cloud has notice of such maintainance or changes that will stop the Client’s service (downtime).
      • (d)VNG Cloud has notice of such damage of hardware, devices and offers a replacement plans but Client does not follow the replacement plan or does not agree to replace.
      • (e)Do not use any monitoring services to monitor the hardware or do not notify VNG Cloud in time to replace the corresponding hardware in case of damage.
  • 5. Periodic System Maintenance:
    • 5.1.System maintenance is mandatory to ensure the continuity of the Service provided to Client. The maintenance can be scheduled on any day of the week (including weekend) and at any time of the day. However, VNC CLOUD shall endeavor to carry out the maintenance at the time that least affects Client’s use of the Service.
    • 5.2.VNG Cloud shall notify Client in advance via email on VNG Cloud system or on the homepage
      • (a)Three days in advance before expected day of maintenance.
      • (b)In emergency maintenance cases, VNG Cloud shall endeavor to notify Client 30 minutes in advance via email or telephone.
      • (c)For some incidents beyond the control, VNG Cloud shall notify Client within 4 working hours since the time the incident occurs.
    • 5.3.VNG Cloud commits the total amount of maintenance time affecting the Service of Client in one (1) month does not exceed two (2) hours.
  • 6. Commitment on the Time for Feedback, Response and Resolution of Problems:
    • 6.1.Forms of contact for receiving and solving problems:
    • 6.2.Response time:
      • (a)Response time for troubleshooting request: within 15 minutes since the time the request is received.
      • (b)Response time and troubleshooting time for the Client’s problems: within 15 minutes up to 48 working hours since the time of responding to troubleshooting request.
      • (c)For serious problems, response time can be longer, but not exceed 72 working hours since the time of responding to troubleshooting request.
    • 6.3.Response time for vBaremetal:
      • (a)Response time for troubleshooting request: within 15 minutes since the time the request is received.
      • (b)Response time to replace hardware due to the failure: 5 Working Days since the request is received.
      • (c)In case of the purchase of spare-part, hardware replacement will be conducted within 4 hours fr since the request is received.
  • 7. Process of Receiving and Responding to Complaints:

    Forms of contact for receiving complaints: in document or send email via

    • 7.1.Content of complaints: in order to save the Client’s time, when sending complaints to VNG Cloud, the Client should sufficiently provide the following information:
      • (a)Email or Document subject must be clearly stated: "Request to compensate according to SLA commitment";
      • (b)The information of the account affected;
      • (c)Specific date and time and the moments when the system, and Service used by the Client fall into the Unavailable State;
      • (d)Logs recording errors or screenshots at the time the error occurs (the Client’s confidential information should be blurred or hidden);
      • (e)Damages to the Client and the value of damages accompanied by relevant documents and invoices;
      • (f)The level of compensation that the Client requires.
    • 7.2.Time to receive complaints: within three (3) months since the incident occurs; more than the above-mentioned time, VNG Cloud shall not accept and resolve any relevant complaints.
    • 7.3.Time to respond and resolve complaints: within 15 (fifteen) days since the day the complaint is received.
    • 7.4.In case the Client is dissatisfied with the resolution documents of VNG Cloud, the Client can resend feedback to VNG Cloud; in this case, the Client’s feedback shall be received and processed as a new Complaint.