The solution turns your ordinary camera into a smart camera system


of camera system can not maximize its productivity.


of camera system are broken without notifying.

vCloudcam is a product of VNG Cloud, providing monitoring service and storage services for camera system based on cloud, supporting multi-platform application (Web, Mobile App, Desktop).





CMS can manage centrally different cameras (IP and analog cameras) from different locations.
Centralized monitoring and management of online cameras with multi-platform application (Web, Mobile, Desktop).
Multiple encryption and security system with cloud storage technology.
Decentralized management and supervision for many types of users. Each type of user will be granted certain rights.
Multichannel notification system (Zalo, Email, Peripherals such as speakers, whistles) helps users respond promptly to the monitoring system.
Integrate AI technology on cloud to turn an ordinary camera into a smart camera so it can provide diverse solutions such as face recognition, tracing, timekeeping, security supervision...


Store 03 days

View Camera data recorded within the previous 3 days

21.000 ₫

camera/ month

Store 07 days

View Camera data recorded within the previous 7 days

32.500 ₫

camera/ month

Store 14 days

View Camera data recorded within the previous 14 days

55.000 ₫

camera/ month

Best value

Store 30 days

View Camera data recorded within the previous 30 days

110.500 ₫

camera/ month


Contact or 1900 1549 for more details.

(*) Prices apply for 12-month contracts or more

(*) Prices apply for 480p-resolution camera

(*) 1 month = 30 days



Connect, centralized management of multiple cameras from multiple locations and access anytime, any where.
Data safety and security.
Saving setup, storage and maintenance cost.
Flexibility to update and expand services.
Multichannel notification system, right people, right time.
AI features from Cloud – Make your camera smarter.
Compatible with almost devices in the market.
Easy to set up and use the service.