VNG Cloud

vCloudcam: Smart surveillance camera solution

vCloudcam, a product of VNG Cloud, provides security monitoring and data storage services from cameras on the cloud computing platform, supporting multiple platforms (Web, Mobile App, Desktop). Integrated with AI technology, vCloudcam can recognize faces, detect anomalies, and alert for intrusion, making it suitable for various customer segments such as schools, banks, factories, and retail chains.

With the aim of delivering effective solutions for storage and processing of surveillance camera data, vCloudcam is delighted to accompany you.



Storage & Access

Centralized video storage and access anytime, anywhere with multi-platform application:

  • Store surveillance camera data in the cloud with unlimited capacity, fast and secure.
  • Access live view and playback of cameras anytime, anywhere through the multi-platform application (Web, Mobile, Desktop).
  • Real-time live view supporting up to 100 cameras simultaneously, with camera resolution up to 4K.
  • Encrypt data before transmission via HTTPS protocol for enhanced security.
    Store footage temporarily in vBox and synchronize it back to the server in case of unstable internet connection.






Why Choose vCloudcam?

Data Security and Privacy

All data is ensured to be safe and secure in VNG Cloud's internationally standardized Data Centers. It undergoes multi-factor authentication and encryption at vBox before transmission.

Compatible with Most Existing Devices

Can be used with most cameras, DVR/NVR recorders, including both IP cameras and analog cameras.

Easy Setup and Flexible Services

Quick and easy setup with PLUG & PLAY. Customers are proactive to purchase and configure services for each surveillance camera according to their needs.

Timely Multi-channel Notification System for Targeted Users

Users can easily create and manage notifications across Web, Desktop, Mobile, Email, and peripheral devices, facilitating quick responses to security incidents.

Integrating AI into Smart Surveillance Cameras

Integrating AI features such as: Motion Detection, Intrusion Alert, Facial Recognition, People Counting, Fall Detection, Fire Detection, License Plate Recognition, and more.


Deployment Model

System connectivity model
AI-on-Cloud service model
AI-on-Camera service model