VNG Cloud

vContainer: Container management & orchestration with Kubernetes

vContainer by VNG Cloud is a Kubernetes-based service, ensuring high performance for businesses by deploying containerized applications on the cloud environment.

Kubernetes manages vServer clusters and runs containers on those clusters through deployment, maintenance, and auto-scaling processes. With Kubernetes, you can run any type of application contained in the same toolkit, capable of deployment in both on-premise and cloud environments.



Cluster management

Allowing customers to create clusters based on business requirements: from basic to advanced requirements on Cluster Container such as Non_HA with 1 Master or HA with 3 or 5 Master nodes.




Why Choose vContainer?

Easy to Deploy

Easy to create containers and clusters with High availability (multi-master) model or 1 Master model to manage Pods (Worker).

High Availability and Scalability

Integrating with vLB and Autoscale to facilitate operations, and ensuring the system is ready for scaling up or down efficiently.

Maximum Cost Savings

The Pay-as-you-go model helps manage costs and utilize resources at the most optimal level.

Flexible Container Instances and Updates

Kubernetes allows you to easily switch and update containerized applications.

Resilience and Fault Tolerance

Kubernetes provides the ability for self-recovery and fault tolerance by automatically restarting containers when they encounter issues.


Deployment Model

vContainer - Model