VinaData cooperates with Datameer to organize workshop on big data analysis solutions – Big Data & Analytics

Time: 22-02-2019
Location: Pullman Hotel, Ho Chi Minh

With the topic of "Fuel Your Business With Trusted Data", this workshop focused on emphasizing the value of BigData & Analytics bring to business operations of enterprises.

Big Data & Analytics (or big data analysis) is an outstanding technology trend in recent times. Big Data is creating new opportunities to capture "useful" information from various new data types, and content coming from many organizations with large volumes and increasing speed. In a Big Data & Analytics project, the normal data preparation section accounts for more than 70% of the work.

At the workshop, Mr. Tran Quang Binh, VinaData Technology and Infrastructure Specialist presented many new information about BigData technology, and answered some questions from business representatives. He also shared the effectiveness of the application of BigData and modern analytical technologies that impact all aspects of many business fields. From there businesses can understand the great benefits from the exploitation and big data analysis on business operations.

Fuel Your Business With Trusted Data Mr. Tran Quang Binh, VinaData Technology and Infrastructure Specialist shared about BigData & Analytics

Director of Datameer Mr. Steve Egan presneted Datameer solution, a powerful and proven global tool for big data processing. With a detailed demo, business representatives are also directly experienced using Datammeer's leading data analysis and processing tool on personal computers.

Mr. Steve Egan, Director of Datameer, instructed demo data processing and analysis tool of Datameer Mr. Steve Egan, Director of Datameer, instructed demo data processing and analysis tool of Datameer

In the coming time, VinaData will bring this tool closer to Vietnamese enterprises, help businesses capture and master information, and assist decision making.

The workshop has the participation of the Directors and IT Experts from many domestic organizations and enterprises in different business sectors but all have the same concerns about big data analysis and new technology application trend to develop business operation.




Introduction VinaData

VinaData ( is a subsidiary of VNG Corporation, built with the goal of developing solutions, applications, infrastructure creation and cloud platform to serve VNG's customers. Over 14 years of development with VNG, VinaData has performed well the task of providing infrastructure systems, developing platforms and continuous applications according to new technologies, meeting the requirements of services, from IaaS (Infrastructure as a service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) to SaaS (Software as a Service) for all VNG systems. The number of customers using VinaData's current service has surpassed 120 million, demonstrating stable supply capacity of VinaData's comprehensive service.

Introduction Datameer

Datameer ( was founded in 2009, a technology company specializing in the development and delivery of large data analysis solutions. Datameer's tools integration will help organizations and businesses unlock the value of all data. Raw data will be converted into analytical-ready data in minutes, allowing businesses to explore data needs, apply to business operations, and deliver certain efficiency.