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Experience the Latest in Cloud Computing, Storage, Networking, Security, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


Virtual supervision on cloud


The service provides comprehensive virtual server system


Database as a Service -Cloud-based platform for managing, storing and etrieving data.

IoT Hub

IoT platform on cloud


The flexible and secure storage solution which have quick access to cloud computing.


Mobile Call Center vCS - Smart customer service


Content Delivery Network


Durable, secure and low cost storage solution for long term data archiving


Interaction platform to support sale and multi-channel customer service


Solution to develop a flexible, safe and ultimate private cloud

WPS Office

The world's most popular multi-platform office


Launch a secure & private cloud


Unlimited cloud storage and file-sharing solution

vCloudStack for SME

The virtualization solution exclusive designed for SME


Our Solutions

The digital transformation solutions in retail help drive business growth and realize customer journey in omni-channel.

Improve the efficiency in centralized management and proactively ensure security in buildings as well as improve the quality of sales and customer service through virtual supervision on cloud solutions combined with AI and omni channel solutions.

Provide professional cloud solutions with high scalability, availability features to financial services providers as well as virtual supervision on cloud to help proactively ensure security at service counters and ATMs.

With professional cloud solutions having scalability, security and high availability, VNG CLOUD enhances customer experience at an optimal cost.

The smart infrastructure solutions for digital transformation help traditional manufacturing enterprises integrate and connect with multinational enterprises. Furthermore, it improves the efficiency of centralized management and proactively ensure security at factories.


History of VNG CLOUD?

VNG Logo
  • 2004
  • #1 Internet Company
  • 1st and only Unicorn
  • 100 million users
  • 100’s countries
  • 2007
  • 10Ks of servers
  • 100’s of clients
  • 2018 Cloud Services


#1 Internet Company


1st and only Unicorn


100 million users


100’s countries




10Ks of servers


100’s of clients


2018 Cloud Services



VNG CLOUD - 12 years of running VNG infrastructure

100+ million




10.000+ servers
100+ nodes CDN
Self-developing softwares. Independently provides apps to customers according to their demands
CDN flow in the market> 40%
600+ Gbps bandwidth
Energetic inhouse Technical team, guarantees 24/7 customer service
International standard certification for entire operating system
50 + Strategic Partners