Time: 05-12-2018
Location: Khách sạn Sheraton Hà Nội

- With the theme "Connected City", VNG's special booth at the event will showcase the latest series of smart technologies, demonstrating the vision of a "comprehensive" life on the cloud platform in the future. near future.

Internet Day 2018 Mr. Vu Minh Tri, Deputy General Director of VNG in charge of Cloud Services and General Director of VinaData shared about the opportunities and challenges of the Digital Ecosystem Business Model in the 4.0 era.

Appearing at the Internet Day 2018 event, VNG Joint Stock Company (VNG) not only introduced a diverse ecosystem of smart solutions and applications based on cloud computing, but also shared the vision of technologies and business models can "shape" Vietnam's digital ecosystem

With the theme "Internet and Vietnam Digital Ecology", Internet Day 2018 takes place in the context of the digital transformation in Vietnam is accelerating, so the demand for data, smart connection, Internet of things ... of businesses as well as the whole society increased strongly.

Capturing this trend of digital transformation, VNG has quickly identified the Cloud Service as one of the four strategic pillars of products, along with Online Games, Connecting Platforms, Finance and payment. VNG's cloud service is built in the direction of comprehensive packages (Full Stack Cloud Services), making the most of the advantages of existing infrastructure and service ecosystems.

Recently, VinaData, a member company of VNG has launched many comprehensive products and solutions based on cloud computing, towards urban smarter and safer. For example, vTicket, the platform that connects all data, supports multi-channel interaction between People and Government, between Customers and Businesses. Through the system, connection and interaction betwen people and Government will become simple, even just by scanning QR code to chat via Zalo / Facebook. Or vCloudcam, a model that turns unintelligent cameras into intelligence thanks to artificial intelligence processing in the cloud layer, with high-precision face recognition capabilities for security requirements.

Also at the event, Mr. Vu Minh Tri - Deputy General Director in charge of Cloud Services and General Director of VinaData had shared views on Vietnam's Digital Ecosystem, about business models. it is appropriate to take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges that the 4.0 era is set for businesses.

Internet Day 2018 Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung - Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Mr. Mai Liem Truc, former Vice Minister of Information and Communications and Mr. Vu Hoang Lien - President of Vietnam Internet Association visited VinaData's booth

Accordingly, Internet of Things (IOT), Big Data and Machine Learning will be technologies that shape the future, with near-endless potential applications: not just bundles narrow in smart technologies such as smart TVs, smartphones, smart watches, and smart cars, but also industries such as smart retail, smart transportation, and health information.

As predicted, by 2020, the world will have about 50.1 billion IoT devices, equivalent to each person on earth will own up to 6 different IoT devices.

“The explosion of connected devices will inevitably lead to a burst of data volume. And the solution to this data problem is cloud computing. Enterprises that master data analysis, processing and data storage technology in the 4.0 era will have a great advantage in Digital Ecosystems,” Mr. Vu Minh Tri emphasized.

Some smart solutions and applications demonstrated by VNG and VinaData at this year's event include:

vCloudcam - Is the solution to connect and manage multiple cameras at the same time to save investment, storage and maintenance costs. vCloudcam provides easy installation and compatible with most cameras on the market, including non-smart cameras, as well as features for real-time viewing (real-time), security ...

vTicket - Is the solution to manage all connections with customers and people through various information and data sources such as: Zalo, Facebook, Email and wireless phones ... vTicket aims toward businesses that want to improve the care of customers or government agencies to receive and exchange information with people.

vCS - With just one smartphone, the business can transform its subscription number into a mobile operator. vCS helps to reduce infrastructure investment, maintenance and administration costs. Besides, vCS provides businesses and mobility agencies, unlimited coverage, just internet connection (wifi, 3-4G ) allows taking calls anywhere such as headquarters or working abroad ...

vCDN – The leading server platform of more than 10,000 VinaData’s server clusters will help businesses and organizations to optimize service quality, reduce server load, bring great quality but reasonable cost, no need to Invest in additional infrastructure.

IoT Hub – Is a PaaS, IoT Hub cloud infrastructure product supporting connection between many different IoT devices, suitable for all solutions: Smart agriculture, smart city, smart home or smart factory ...

Vending Machine – Besides integrating ZaloPay E-payment application, smart vending machines are also upgraded with administrative capabilities in the cloud, allowing users to manage the quantity of goods as well as to import goods remotely.

Some photos at the event:

Internet Day 2018
Internet Day 2018
Internet Day 2018
Internet Day 2018
Internet Day 2018
Internet Day 2018
Internet Day 2018
Internet Day 2018



Information about VNG Joint Stock Company

Founded in 2004, VNG is currently the leading Internet Enterprise in Vietnam with more than 2000 employees and 90 million users. Up to this point, VNG is still the only valued technology unicorn in Vietnam. VNG's product ecosystem focuses on 4 strategic groups: Online games, Connecting platforms (Zalo, Zing, 123Go, New newspaper ....), Finance, payment (ZaloPay, 123Pay) and cloud service.

You can refer to the latest information and images about VNG at:

Information about VinaData Joint Stock Company

VinaData ( is a subsidiary of VNG Corporation, built with the goal of developing solutions, applications, infrastructure creation and cloud platform to serve VNG's customers. Over 14 years of development with VNG, VinaData has performed well the task of providing infrastructure systems, developing platforms and continuous applications according to new technologies, meeting the requirements of services, from IaaS (Infrastructure as a service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) to SaaS (Software as a Service) for all VNG systems. The number of customers using VinaData's current service has surpassed 120 million, demonstrating stable supply capacity of VinaData's comprehensive service at the global level.

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