About us

vCloudcam is a product of VNG Cloud, providing monitoring service and storage services for camera system based on cloud, supporting multi-platform application (Web, Mobile App, Desktop).

vCloudcam provides appropriate services for all customers such as retails, schools, banks, factories,...
With the aim of bringing the information storage and handling solutions from the camera efficiently, vCloudcam is eager to go along with you.
vCloudcam - About us
Why vCloudcam?

Now, the camera system operation is easier and more effective

vCloudcam - Benefits
Connect, centralize management of multiple cameras from multiple locations and access anytime, anywhere.
Manage cameras from multiple locations on the same account. Unlimited storage and access, monitoring anytime, anywhere with multi-platform application. The decentralization method responds to multiple operational ways.
vCloudcam - Benefits
Multichannel notification system, right people, right time.
Users easily create & manage notifications for each event. Receive notifications via email channels, Zalo messages, peripherals (speakers, whistles). Assist users respond promptly to the monitoring system.
vCloudcam - Benefits
Data safety and security
All data is saved on the international standard Data Center system of VNG CLOUD, ensuring safety and confidentiality. The data is encrypted at vBox before being transmitted. Multi-factor authentication.
vCloudcam - Benefits
AI features from Cloud - Make your camera smarter
Integrate motion detection, line crossing, restricted area access, people counting, plate number recognition and more.
vCloudcam - Benefits
Saving setup, storage and maintenance costs.
Unnecessary to invest the system from the beginning or for complicated internal transmission lines. Save operating costs on hardware, transmission lines, power, etc
vCloudcam - Benefits
Compatible with almost devices in the market.
vCloudcam works with almost currently available camera/DVR/NVR, including IP and Analog cameras.
vCloudcam - Benefits
Flexibility to update and expand services
Optional service pack for each camera. Purchase additional services quickly as the number of devices expands. Change service easily.
vCloudcam - Benefits
Easy to set up and use the service
Quick and easy PLUG & PLAY setup. Take the initiative in buying and configuring services for each camera.


vCloudcam supports to monitor and operate the camera system more effectively

Centralized management, access anytime, anywhere with multi-platform application

Store data from the camera to the cloud, unlimited, fast and secure.

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Manage surveillance system easier with vCloudcam.

Optimal decentralization method, meeting all complex operating procedures of the enterprises.

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Have you ever encountered this situation? When need to play back camera, you realize your devices have not been working for a long time. With vCloudcam, easily monitor the status of the device, be notified automatically when the device loses connection

Proactively create notifications for certain events, to the right people to receive.

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No need to review all archived data, just watch the highlighted segments.

Not only for monitoring, camera data can assist business.

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How to get started?

Sign up for an account

Register an account on website https://vngcloud.vn to start experience.


Connect Devices

Add boxes and cameras that are on the same network as vBox.


Manage and monitor

Monitor wherever you are. Easy storage video and access recorded data

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