Speed up your website with Web Accelerator

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Save up to 60% image size

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Web Accelerator can speed up the content display on your website and improve customer experience.






  • Modern protocol optimizes the content delivering on Website

Web Image Optimization

  • Optimize image size based on users' devices, decrease up to 60% of image size

Auto Minify

  • Auto optimize static content, increase the connection as well as processing speed

Brotli Compression

  • Compress content, decrease 20% of object size compared to GZIP

Origin Load Balancing and Fail-Over

  • Optimize the connection to server, increase the ability of web service

Custom Page Rules

  • Easy to custom page rules on vCDN’s Edge Server


Speed Up the content display on website
Optimize transmission capacity
Auto optimize image based on visitors’ devices
Increase SEO and PageSpeed Insights
Increase the uptime of website
Increase responsiveness with high traffic volume