IoT Hub: IoT software on cloud

IoT Hub is a cloud product of Platform group (PaaS), supporting connections from IoT devices to the cloud and from the cloud to devices.

IoT Hub receives data from IoT devices and process in real-time on the cloud, which helps customers to set up warnings and realtime warnings via email, SMS and webhook.

IoT Hub is easily integrated with other cloud solutions such as vStorage, vDB, IoT Analytics, AWS, Azure and with customers’ applications via API, equipping customers with full tools to build a complete IoT solution.

IoT Hub helps customers save cost, efforts and time to build their own project’s IoT solution with unlimited scale, suitable for both Startup scaled or Industry scaled enterprises.




Why IoT Hub?

Easy to start and expand.

Save time and efforts in building IoT solution.

Run on all infrastructure and platforms of VNG CLOUD.

No dependence on international line.

Competitive price, transparent package.

24/7 support and consulting team.