Tape Backup is a required element of BC/DR (Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery). It is very risky for customers to store their important business data on their own system. VinaData storage system will secure all customers’ data and get ready to use when incidents occur. To prevent the risks to devices with high value or storing important data, companies or organizations often build DR system to make sure the data will be safely stored in two different places. However, depending on the size and form of storage, many companies and organizations choose alternative plan by using tape backup inside their data centers with appropriate environment and tight security management.

VinaData Tape Backup Storage Offsite

Understanding the importance of customers’ data, with our years of experience in IT and Data Center; VinaData will be able to provide tape backup service with guarantee on security via our tight operating procedure and professional service provider.

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Sale Department – VinaData JSC


  • Effective service cost: Data system is the invisible core asset of any company. You will never know its value until it disappears. Tape backup is the minimum investment comparing to the cost of loosing important data.
  • Safe and secure: Customers can experience the professionalism, liability and safe storage management capability from VinaData’s services. Our operating activities has granted international standards. We supervise and backup your tape in a perfect environment.
  • Strictly follow the operating standards.
  • Risk prevention.
  • Career insurance up to 1 million USD.
  • High security: 24/7 CCTV, fingerprint scanner, magnetic stripe card, security guards.
  • Storage environment with international standards.
  • Professional data cabinet system.
  • Backup storage enhance.
  • Promotion for frequent customers.
  • Professional carriage and delivery service.
  • ISO qualified plans.
  • Mitigate enterprise data loss risk.



Tape Backup FAQ

Chi phí tape sẽ tính theo số lượng, số lần giao nhận/tháng và khoảng cách

Chi phí tape sẽ tính theo số lượng, số lần giao nhận/tháng và khoảng cách

VinaData chỉ cung cấp dịch vụ lưu trữ và giao nhận tape, vì vậy anh/chị sẽ chuẩn bị tape, thiết bị ghi tape.

VinaData sẽ đến công ty anh/chị để lấy tape