Why vCS

Easy installation.

Support on two mobile platforms: iOS and Android. It only needs three steps to build a professional call center: Install, Register and Use.

Cost saving

No fees on system installation, maintenance and management. No fees on device investment, maintenance and upgrading.

Online payment

Integrate multiple online payment methods: 123Pay, ZaloPay, bank transfer.

Easy to connect with call center telephone number.

Support connections to 1900, 1800, 028xx, 024xx, 0236xx to operate the mobile call center.

Easy to expand network.

Easy to quickly expand the call center. Time saving on call center establishment and scenario changing.

Unlimited coverage.

Easy to use. With a smartphone, you can carry your mobile call center anywhere, anytime.



Cost effective

- No initial investment required

- No operating cost requires

Various payment methods

- Internet banking (>40 banks)

- Transfer

- ZaloPay

Dedicated support, anytime and anywhere

- Handle problems quickly

- Supporting 247

Deployed within 3 minutes

- Self-payment/cross-check, self-setting

- Full manuals