vServer is a solution provide server by VNG CLOUD. With an easy-to-use interface, it allows enterprise to intitial servers easily. vServer has many outstanding features: vVPC (Virtual Private Cloud), vLB (Loadbalancing as a services), vAS (Autoscaling), Cloud Firewall (used vSRX of Juniper),...


Provide server infrastructure with High Performance

Provide GPU server infastructure for Analytics services

Comprehensive solution for setting up virtual private cloud

The solution allows businesses, enterprises to build infrastructure. The server built from vVPC can run on VNG CLOUD.

Provide firewalls for cloud computing

The feature provides a complete firewall.

The service automatically distributes traffic to the application on mutiple servers, responding to a large number of applications to download in order to save costa dn time.

The service provides the ability to automatically expand or reduce the number of virtual servers based on the demand to ensure the performance for application.

Easy to setup, operate and expand database

Improve the ability to monitor, detect warnings that exceed thresholds affecting the whole system

Integrate applications with Microsoft, Cisco, Fortinet, F5, Juniper and more than 100 popular applicants

Backup feature on vServer allows backup and archiving on VNG CLOUD’s infrastructure.

  • - Restore a backup as a new volume
  • - Create a VM from a boot volume
  • - User Backup instantly or scheduling backup 1 volume vServer
  • - Download backup
  • - Schedule weekly, monthly backup.

Feature helps customers to control access to vServer resource.

Customers can use IAM to grant permission to Read information or access, start/stop/boot (Write) a Server or a Volume.



Easy to intitial any types of servers, operating system.

Support server with high configuration and throughput.

Three-factor authentication help increase the server system's security.

Compatible with many web models, applications.

Flexible and cost-effective service packages.