Auto Scaling Service (vAS)

Add or delete server resources as demand.





Vinadata Auto Scaling Service (vAS) is a service that provides the ability to automatically expand or reduce the number of servers (vServer) on demand, to ensure high availability for the application at the most effective cost.

vAS provides many outstanding features such as quick application expansion in just a few minutes, supports a variety of ways to expand and pay only for what you had used.


Outstanding Benefits

Set up to expand quickly and easily

vAS allows you to set up an extension solution for the application quickly and easily with an intuitive interface, all the complicated operations to set up extensions are automated by our system.

Support multiple extension methods

vAS supports a variety of extension methods to ensure all your needs such as: up to the manual adjustment interface, scheduling automatic schedule (scheduler), enabling remote expansion (trigger).

Pay only for what you had used

vAS helps you optimizing resource usage and cost effectiveness when using vServer. It allows you to pay only for what you really need. vAS is a completely free service and helps you optimizing the cost in the Vinadata cloud environment.

Easy to integrate with Load Balancing

vAS is more powerful when operates with Load Balancing, allowing the system to automatically scale according to needs and ensuring the application works at its best.


How does Auto Scaling work?

- Understand your application, which components can be expanded.

- Define server description properties as “Profile” such as: configuration (Flavor), disk capacity (Volume), connection (Network).

- Initialize the number information for the extended group such as: the number of desired initial servers, the smallest and largest number of servers allowed.

- Then you determine when the system needs to expand and expand according to what kind of rules.