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Vending machine supervision and centralized management.

Time, personnel and cost effective.



Vending Machine: VinaData cloud - based platform centralized vending machines management system.

Vending machines are connected with the internet and integrated with the most modern technologies. All data are under centralized management, with smart supervision and warning on cloud computing platform of VinaData.


VinaData - Vending Machine

Why using Vending Machine

Help optimizing self-service business model.

Reduce cost on venue rent and decorating which often applies for normal shops.

24/7 customer service. Easy and convenient purchasing.

No cost for in-shop employees, salary and bonus.

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Centralized management and monitor all vending machine on VinaData cloud computing platform.

Integrating with cloud platform which allows customers to keep track with revenue reports, transaction details and to adjust prices as well as promotion programs.

Automatically inform when the products are almost out of stock, via differenct channels i.e: Zalo, SMS, Email.

Flexible payment (Cash / ZaloPay).

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