Monitoring as a service - vMaaS

Monitoring solution for server infrastructure and service.
The vMaaS service helps customers to get rid of their worries of infrastructure frequent check.
Instead, the solutions of VinaData will help you to supervise your infrastructure 24/7.


Collect operating data

vMaaS provides solutions which help organizations, enterprises and individuals supervise their server infrastructure status via collecting data of:


Server productivity: CPU, Server Load, Memory, Disk, IOPS, Network Traffic,...


Operating status of applications, services, TCP/UDP port,...

VinaData - vMaaS

Data visualization

Visualization using diagrams helps managers to quickly identify the unusual signs of the system or in users’ habit, and then support the managers to establish the incident thresholds.

vMaaS - Visualization

Trigger & Notification

Customers can themselves define the incident notification thresholds.

Notify via SMS, Zalo, Email, Phone Call when an incident happens on the system at a respective established threshold.

vMaaS - Trigger & Notification

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