vTicket: Interaction platform to support sale and multi-channel customer service

vTicket is the cloud computing platform used to interact with customers, helping sale and customer service become simpler and more flexible. This system is also easily expanded and can meet any requirements from any form of enterprises.




Why vTicket

Multi-channel integration

Allow interaction and support with other channels such as Call, Zalo, Facebook.

Auto routing

Each request or order will be routed to the respective groups.

Easy to corporate

Allow employees to discuss and work directly on each request or order.

Easy to customize, upgrade and expand

Allow customizing recorded samples, enterprise respective work flow.

Clear report and analysis

Dashboard with strong statistic and reports.

Connect with Zalo Shop system

Allow to create and synchronize orders on Zalo Shop.



On-Demand data storage

Data is saved by default and user can subscribe for additional storage time

Security commitment

Your data is our commitment to confidentiality and will not be disclosed to anyone.

Real-time reporting

Tracks performance on time

Supports in making appropriate decisions and plans

Flexible recording system

Create and adjust form by user’s preference

Self-decentralizing and customizing data types for each attribute (numeric, paragraph,...)

Strong decentralization

Decentralization on Customer's contacts

Decentralization on each support group


Integrated Partnerships