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vVPC: VinaData Virtual Private Cloud

VinaData Virtual Private Cloud (vVPC) allows organizations and customer enterprises to create their appropriate server system. The server system created by vVPC can initiate resources on VinaData cloud in a virtual network managed by customers, and ensure the resources will be secured by the next-generation firewall (NGFW). Using vVPC, customers hold the total control of the network and NGFW, including creating subnetworks, internet connection configuration, L4 – L7 advanced secure such as applications, IPS and UTM.


vVPC - Dịch vụ kiến tạo mạng ảo trên nền đám mây
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VinaData VPC and VCF provides advanced and flexible security features, i.e: creating NGFW, Security Policy Group and Network ACL, allowing to filter incoming and outgoing data from low internet infrastructure to application infrastructure.


Users can create VinaData VPC, VCF quickly and easily by using VinaData control panel with visual interface. Subnetworks, IP range, Security Policy Group and NGFW will be automatically created for customers, which helps system managers can focus on creating required applications for their VPC.


Users can move their company’s applications to the cloud, start web servers and additional applications or quickly increase the advanced security such as IPS and UTM to meet the partner’s requirement on expansion.

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