Ultimate office solution

Simple and flexible in solving office related works



WPS: Applications for office related works

WPS is a perfect choice for administration organizations, enterprises, startups and individuals who need a strong and flexibler office solution. The WPS tools are simple with full functions which help users to solve the office related work in an easy and effective way with a reasonable price.


VinaData - WPS

Why using WPS

Ultimate solution with full functions.

Reasonable price for all enterprises and individuals.

Light installation package, less than 100MB.

Able to run on all operating systems.

Support 51 languagues.

1,000+ template forms with modern and Asian traditional styles.

New outstanding features comparing to the normal Office.

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3-minute installation.

Able to use immediately.

Cheap cost.

30% comparing to other solutions with the same functions.

New functions which boost employees’ effectiveness.

Completely compatible with existing documents.


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