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  • Creating charts
  • Timely alerts
  • Different types of notifications via email, slack, webhook and SMS
  • Monitoring continuously every minutes the performance of website, application, server with different protocols such as: HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, PING...
  • Track the response time of website from different locations.
  • Integrated parameter monitoring of different products: vServer, vLB, vAS, vDB.

Allows businesses to securely manage access to services and resources. When using IAM, businesses can create, manage users and VM groups, use permissions to allow and deny access to resources on VNG CLOUD.

vStorage provides 3 storage tiers: Gold, Silver and vCold. With the Gold storage, your data is always ready to use with millisecond retrieval. The Silver is great for data that is rarely accessed, but you still want the data to be ready to use at any time with low storage costs. Finally, vCold - the most economical storage layer suitable for data that are rarely used but need to be stored such as medical records, transaction logs etc.