Solutions oriented

Each business always has its own pain and problems that the owners are always find the best solution in terms of optimise operation cost, increase revenue, Ensure the excellent customer service standard at workplace, Improve the control and effectiveness of business operation, Ensure great customer experience on digital application

At VNG CLOUD, we not only creating technology platforms and products but also focus on developing and building technology solutions, thoroughly solving problems in digital transformation.

Solutions oriented
Solutions oriented
Solutions oriented
True Cloud technology

VNG CLOUD always keep up with the latest technology to meet all requirements along the journey of being the first unicorn of VNG. During 12 years of operating infrastructure for VNG, we have been building a solid foundation to provide true cloud technology: Multi-tenant, On-demand, Self-service access, Elastic, Usage metered

VNG CLOUD is proud to be a cloud service provider developed by Vietnamese people, solving problems of Vietnamese enterprises and always accompanying Vietnamese enterprises on the ambitious development journey.

VNG CLOUD Data Center
VNG CLOUD Data Center
Unique Pool of experts

We have unique pool of experts who have unique experience building cloud for hundred million user products and who’ve worked for top global leading technology companies e.g. Microsoft, IBM, AWS, ...

"VNG CLOUD has successfully built cloud computing technology to serve hundreds of millions of users owned by Vietnamese engineers. We want to bring these technologies to service the digital transformation for the businesses in Vietnam"

Vu Minh Tri

"The focus, understanding what you are doing and the spirit of willingness to solve the problem to the end will help you develop steadily and create trust with customers and partners."

Tran Anh Nhan
Manager, Head of Infrastructure As A Service

"I believe that digital technology is an important key to help Vietnamese businesses develop rapidly in this era."

Tran Quang Binh
Senior Solutions Architect
Customer Success Stories

At VNG CLOUD, we take the customer as the center and make their success a top priority. VNG CLOUD is proud to accompany with Vietnamese businesses spread across all key economic sectors such as media, real estate, manufacturing, retail, etc., thereby helping to raise Vietnamese businesses to reach out the world.