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Introduction from Vu Minh Tri – VNG CLOUD CEO:

  • Introducing new trends of global technology
  • What are the benefits of cloud transformation?
  • Why VNG CLOUD and the Ecosystem of VNG CLOUD

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Industrial Solution

Digital transformation and cloud migration of the organizations, enterprises and individuals during the forth industrial revolution is a riddle of Appropriate technology selection, Strong and experienced partners in implementation with ultimate budget plan. These are the key factors which will bring benefits to both customers and enterprises after implementing.

Each industries require different solution packages. Let’s go through some of the best solutions for different industries with VNG CLOUD.


The ultimate solution for banking cloud transformation.


Digital transformation for retail industry.

Smart Home

Develope IoT products and domestic qualified infrastructure.


Support calculating and analyzing data for service providers.


Support on two mobile platforms: iOS and Android. It only needs three steps to build a professional call center: Install, Register and Use.


Digitalize the services, flexibly meet every requirement from customers.


24/7 storage auto manage and supervise


Partners of VNG CLOUD

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Domino sharing their experience in deploying VNG CLOUD services to customers in Vietnam

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Smart call center solution on smartphone platform


Outstanding CDN solution with reasonable budget

Smart Parking

Find the most suitable parking place in the city