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VNG CLOUD’s experienced team will accompany and support our customers, who are organizations or enterprises, in solving their challenges, improving their ability to grow.
VNG CLOUD Solutions, our infrastructure is your infrastructure.
Our basic applications are your basic applications. And our service will also be your service and solutions.

Global customer ecosystem

VNG CLOUD is currently the leading cloud computing service providing company in Vietnam, supporting our ecosystem of more than 100 million customers, across 100 countries and territories.

100 million +



countries & territories


Enterprises’ digital transformation and success using VNG CLOUD infrastructure, platform, applications and cloud services

The digital transformation and moving activities of enterprises/organizations to cloud requires a strong and experienced partner to propose reasonable solution for technology, budget and modern trend.

How to choose the partner?

The partner should have a long and strong experience in practical operation of respective services and products.


VNG CLOUD – 14 years of running VNG infrastructure

Officially established in February 2017, however, VNG CLOUD used to be a sub-unit of VNG Corporation and was founded to develop applications, build infrastructure and platform to provide services to VNG customers. During VNG’s strong development of 14 years, VNG CLOUD has accomplished the mission of providing infrastructure, continuously developing the technology platform and applications, meeting the requirements of providing services to VNG’s systems including game, social network, music sharing, photo, movie to online chat platform…

It is easy to notice that the most international well-known cloud services providers are often corporations who self-develop and self-provide. Growing up from a small sized group of customers to millions, ten millions or hundred millions of customers, they understand clearly the challenges when providing cloud services to the commercial market. They can perfectly meet the specific requirements from each organization and enterprise, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Tencent… VNG is one of a kind.

The customers who are active and using our services has exceed 100 million. This proves the ability to provide the outstanding infrastructure service providing ability of VNG CLOUD. It is also a concrete proof for our experience, stability and cloud service quality.


Full-stack Cloud Services, owning the cloud technology

Among the cloud service providing system, we can find IaaS – PaaS – SaaS. Normally, the cloud service providers can only provide a part of this system. However, VNG CLOUD is the sole provider of the complete system including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. The cloud computing of VNG CLOUD owns all the tools required for modernizing technology infrastructure and also enterprise business model.

This achievement comes from the strong expert team of VNG CLOUD, who develop the cloud computing themselves. Customers can use all of our services and cloud products to build their data-oriented culture. We corporate to bring the best experience to our customers.

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24/7 support, 99.9% SLA

One of the biggest concerns of organizations and enterprises when moving to cloud is support service. When they are in need of incident consulting and solving, the support service are often delayed and only provided via email or phone calls by off-site experts.

Thanks to our own technology, self-developing our infrastructure, platform, applications and experts, VNG CLOUD’s customers will always receive full-time support and consultation directly from our experts while using our services.

Another common issue that can easily be seen is the providers, who do not own the technologies, often depend on third-party technology partners. If a partner’s service is interrupted, the cloud service provider will be interrupted, which will effect the customers. With VNG CLOUD, the SLA rate is always at 99.9%, because Vinadata builds and develops the cloud technology on our own, using our 14 years of experience.

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No matter what type of enterprise you are, whether you are in need of building, establishing, programing or storing, VNG CLOUD can protect you. Customers can trust our multi-layer security system infrastructure which has been granted international certificates, our experts on online security, and our pledge to transparency.

“We believe that the system safety is the most important requirement for an enterprise’s development. The solutions of VNG CLOUD are all developed based on such requirement”.

Vu Minh Tri
Deputy director of VNG.


Server, software, applications and other private networks are designed and operated by our experts.


VNG CLOUD will be responsible for digitalized customers’ data for enterprises and organizations.


Received the most prestigious international security certificates in safe cloud platform.


Dedicated team with 24/7 service

The skillful engineer team of VNG CLOUD pledge to accompany enterprises in their journey of cloud transformation. VNG CLOUD will consult, support and corporate with chosen partners to build solutions for enterprises.

Open and flexible technology

Easily expand and narrow infrastructure. Mixed cloud. Multicloud. Equipment system at enterprises only. Whichever model of your enterprise, VNG CLOUD can support to help your business grow.

Smart data analysis tools

VNG CLOUD will support enterprises exploit data effectively. We will process all the “unsolvable” challenges so that customers’ data can be accessed safely and effectively.


Effective programming without server management

Programming on a platform which is well managed will help programmers focus on building applications. You can develop applications from initial samples to global utilization without concerns of capacity, workability or practicality of the system.


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